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Interview with Matt Bachand of Shadows Fall:


It's been a long time coming but it would seem that Shadows Fall are finally gaining the recognition they deserve.  They've played Download '04, opened for the Metal Hammer Awards, and will soon be playing Ozzfest.  We caught up with them on the road with label-mates God Forbid, as they supported Roadrunner Records Killswitch Engage and Chimaira.  And with many, many, many, many more tours coming up (so they say) they've promised to come back in the spring.  In the meantime...

By Stuart Selwood

Interview with DorEterna


'DorEterna represents a lot of the very Primal nature of the Human Condition, it means Pain Eternal...which a lot of life seems to be about and I think this is why we're not happy being described as Black / Death / Whatever Metal...We're just a Metal Band, pure and simple'.... Click on the image to read more...

By Pasha Shah

Interview with Hecate Enthroned


After almost a year off, it was good to see legendary black metal warriors, Hecate Enthroned, relaxing and getting ready for their first London gig in a long time! The band has changed; they’ve lost the face paint and matured.  So! Having faced numerous line-up changes, and conflicts with media, it was time to find out what the band is up to and how they are facing an increasingly difficult Black Metal industry in the UK.

By Pasha Shah

Interview with Dallas Coyle of God Forbid:


Metal is the name of the business and God Forbid are the new Metal Titans we've been waiting for.  After supporting the likes of Cradle of Filth and Mushroomhead on their tours, we finally got hold of Dallas as he was waiting to be called for a soundcheck at the Wulfrun - on the Roadrunner Roadrage Tour...

By Stuart Selwood

Interview with Danny Bowes of Thunder:


It’s been a busy 12 months for Thunder.  Monsters of Rock, their own tour, recording and releasing Shooting at the Sun, and with another tour about to begin.  Add to this Danny Bowes side-project, Bowes and Morley, and you can see he doesn't sit still for long.  I managed to catch him for an interview whilst still sorting out the finer points of the DVD release.  This is to coincide with the up-coming tour, which will feature the ‘In, Out, Put the Kettle On’ film, of which only 1000 copies were originally released on VHS.  It will also have the whole of the Marquee show on it from last November. 

He had just finished working on the new Bowes and Morley record (literally just finished!) and is thinking about doing a European tour with B&M next year. Thunder are also talking about the possibility of making a new record next year.  And then there’s the chance of a Christmas show.  You can imagine the speed with which the man can talk…

By Lorena Woodfine



Interview with Wilson of Gorerotted:


By Pasha Shah




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